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I give 110%. Where does that extra 10% come from?
I. Don't. Know.

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Weddings: They're Actually About You! The real stars of the show? Other people. Napa Valley: home of wine, wineries, and Amy’s Winehouse, aka The Too Soon Saloon. On one auspicious...

The Garbage Accounts of Instagram One month ago I started to use Instagram in a serious manner: as a business person who meant business. I shied from Instagram for years...

Great Acts of Selflessness: Kidney Stone Edition As a fact, many of my friends have displayed instances of selflessness for which I am eternally grateful. But I regret to inform you, and...

Make your own Stanley at home: stir one galon of skim milk into 156 pounds of raw carbon.
Add Voldemort blood to taste.

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