1337 haxx like you've never seen

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I code in my sleep. That sounds cool, but actually it's a problem.
Please send help.


I build passion projects when I'm not busy grinding away at my other passion projects.


This Android application combines inspiring quotes and beautiful images to generate incredible wallpapers.

Personal Site

This website, yeah, this one! It is handcrafted by yours truly. Built with Jekyll and hosted on Github.


My first Android application! It controls an Elk M1 home automation system from the remote comfort of your mobile device.


I've learned and grown immensely thanks to these amazing organizations.


At Bloc, I wrote curriculum for several courses and later, I became a Full-Stack engineer.


Contracted to work on Kwarter's second-screen iOS/Android apps, later I joined full-time as Mobile Applications Developer.


At my first job I was fortunate enough to work on Words With Friends!

I never sleep, 'cause you miss 100% of the shots you don't code.

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