I think outside the box

Stanley Idesis doesn't fit into any boxes

...for now.
(stupid box)

Why do I wake up every morning? The promise of ☕. But also experiences, and what I might do that day to improve them. If I can make a process easier, a brand more relatable, a situation funnier, I will go for it.

As a young man, my desire to improve life's moments led me to rehearse conversations before they happened. This practice eased my anxiety and helped deliver a great first impression every time.

And it was neruotic.

Thankfully, I don't spend much time imagining conversations anymore (I go straight to rendering them in full IMAX 3D). Instead, I've placed my focus where it counts:
on you.

Your prospects, loyal customers, and die-hard fans all benefit when you deliver a great experience. Whether it's through copy, content, software, or those small touches that make all the difference, I can help you turn those little moments into lasting memories.

I Wrote a Book

Whoopty-frikkin-do, am I right? Good Content presents a content strategy for people who prefer an honest approach to marketing, content, and human interaction.

I've put quite a bit of my soul into this book (it's a horcrux), so it has everything you expect from Stanley: insight, zero bullshit, and dad jokes. Mostly dad jokes.