A Genuine Content Strategy for the Reluctant Marketer

“There’s a sucker born every minute”
- Marketing Executives, Man…

Thankfully, the free flow of digital information threatens the world’s supply of ‘suckers,’ and that’s fantastic news. As a human with Internet access, your search request puts every big brand, solo blogger, little startup, and rising social media star on an even playing field. The wide variety among search results and social media posts helps you filter the authentic from the awful. And if you are capable of doing that, so are your customers.

If you’re tired of competing for attention with gimmicks, writing content that oversells, or pitching yourself as the ‘#1’ solution at all times, you’ve come to the right place. This book provides a content strategy that places the reader first. As a reader of content yourself, you search the Internet for high-quality objective information, not sales pitches. This strategy helps you design information for your potential customers, lead them to your business, and once they’ve converted, nurture that relationship.

The Good Content strategy accomplishes those goals by dividing content into 3 familiar funnels:

  • Top: Here your content serves the reader’s needs, helps them, entertains them, and does so with little or no branding. This stage earns their respect and builds their trust.
  • Middle: Interested readers dig deeper to discover more. This content engages them by writing from their prospective and the benefits they receive from you and your business.
  • Post: After the reader converts to a paying customer, you serve them personalized content that enriches their experience and grows the relationship.

Along the way, you maximize content potential by studying metrics and data at every step.

This Strategy Is Not for Everyone

  • Good Content requires candor; some find it difficult to write truthfully
  • Good Content requires you respect and acknowledge your competitors; not all feel able or ready to do so
  • Good Content demands that you support your decisions with data; some find the idea of analytics, keyword research, and funnel optimizations daunting

But if you’re more than prepared to handle those requirements, read on.

Inside The Book

  • A top-to-bottom content strategy that builds trust, leads, and respect
  • 3 exercises to help you generate content ideas at every stage
  • High-level writing tips to keep your content engaging and honest
  • Brief introductions to Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management Systems, Keyword Research, and more
  • An overview of off-site and on-site metrics that help you measure your content’s performance
  • Index of necessary tools and skills required to implement the strategy
  • A thorough glossary of definitions
  • Bonus: an exclusive PDF print-out for readers

Not Inside The Book

  • Step-by-step tutorials for Google Analytics, WordPress, Search Console, or any other tool—this is a high-level text about content and content strategies

What People Are Saying About Good Content

“A thoroughly entertaining guide to content marketing”
- F. Alexander

“Great read, perfect for those getting started and for those that have lost their way”
- F. Idesis (that’s my little brother—technically, he’s people)